Today’s blog is a guest post by Louis Dyer, a graphic designer who frequently works with skincare businesses around the world. In this article Louis shares his top 5 branding necessities for a successful skincare business.


You may be wondering what it actually takes to make your brand successful and how you can turn your skincare business dreams into a reality? Selecting the best ingredients for your products is obviously key for when your designing a skincare range, but in truth there is much more work that is needed to make your range a success. Strong and memorable branding is vital for making your products and business well known and trusted.

Below are 5 essential branding and marketing tips that could make your skincare business a success.

1. A memorable logo

A logo is central to creating a memorable brand. Your logo will be seen on everything related to your company such as your website, flyers, newsletters, business cards, invoices and much more! So you really need to make sure your logo is durable and works well on anything you apply. It should look great when scaled down for product labels and when blown up on the side of a billboard, it should also work in a number of colour combinations including just plain black and white. Simplicity & readability are also key, your logo should be simple enough to instantly recognised and if your including text then it should be legible.

Memorable Skincare Business Logos

2. Website

Nearly every business is expected to have a presence on the web. Having a great website shows your customers that you’re invested in your business and more importantly it gives your customers a place to buy your products at any time. Even if you’re not selling products online, a website can be great for informing customers about your journey, products ingredients and upcoming ranges. If you are planning to sell products then a nice, clean and easy to navigate website is paramount to converting potential customers into sales. You should make it easy for the customer to find what they want, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention and make a sale.

3. Great packaging design

With so many products available today it can be a challenge to make your skincare range stand out. But you can still make your products look professional by making sure your products follow a consistent design style. Customers should be able to recognise different ranges of products but still know they are under one brand. A common technique used for this is to slightly alter the colours of the packing for each product range, Pukka tea (although not a skincare brand) would be a great example you may be familiar with. Colours are very powerful and can say a lot about a particular range.

Great Packaging Design

4. Newsletters

You are going to want your customers to become repeat buyers, so you should take them on the journey of your brand’s development. Keeping in touch via email newsletters can make customers feel valued. You shouldn’t bombard them each week with promotional offers, but instead try sharing relevant content that will grab their attention. You can of course every once in a while a mention your new products or sales promotion. The key is to think of how you would like to be treated as a customer, no one likes to see their email inboxes full of promotions! There are some great free newsletter systems out there such as Mailchimp and free email capture systems depending on what type of website you’re running. You can also create a group specifically for your current customers and offer them loyalty discounts. Remember that it’s easier to sell to current customers than it is to sell to new ones.

5. Social media presence

It is vital to be easily found on the Internet nowadays. Facebook & Twitter are great for connecting with your customers. Again try not to always push people to buy products, instead let them know what’s going on, for example are you developing a new product range? Ask your followers questions about your products and get involved in their experience. If you make the interactions about them you can build strong relationships over time that become a loyal fan base. Once you have a strong fanbase you should find that they will rave about your products for you and you will see your brand grow stronger and stronger. It’s also important to think about what tone of voice your brand is going to have, do you respond to followers politely, affectionately or just get to the point? These small things leave a big impression on how people perceive your brand. It can be a lot of work building your following so you may want to hire a virtual assistant to deal with social media interactions if you find yourself short of time.

As you can see it’s not just the products themselves that are important, looking professional and communicating effectively with your audience really helps you to create a strong a memorable brand and over time a successful skincare business.

Louis Dyer is a graphic designer who works a lot with skincare brands. He has produced effective and elegant design solutions for digital platforms and is a whizz at creating websites, logos, print materials & apps. His strengths lie in the ability to adapt to various styles and subjects ranging from the professional and corporate to the niche and highly artistic. Find out more about Louis He also offers a skincare web design package.