I tweet as @herbBlurb on Twitter. Twitter is a brilliant platform for the beauty industry as there are hundreds of influential beauty bloggers and industry experts who command a great following. I’ve greatly enjoyed interacting with some of these fabulous women on Twitter and would like to proudly share with you my list of the 8 beauty bloggers who I recommend you follow.

  1. The Beautritionist @Beautrition – the lovely Charlotte blogs about holistic skincare and nutrition, and the best vitamins and supplements to retain youthfulness and health. As she says on her blog: “Every 28 days your skin replaces itself; every five years your liver cells are replaced; every ten years your bones are replaced, and all of this is fueled by the foods we eat.” Check in regularly for great recipes to fuel your internal beautification!
  2. Ana goes Green @Anagoesgreen – Ana is on a mission to find more eco-friendly and natural beauty products. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new in the world of green beauty brands, Ana’s blog is a great place to start.
  3. Living Pretty, Naturally @livingprettynat – Kate is from Canada but lives in Norway and runs this gorgeous website where she regularly blogs about all things to do with natural beauty. I’ve found Kate’s website useful for reading up on new products before I try them out and enjoy checking in to see what she’s blogging about.
  4. Ayan Mohamed @ayanalimohamed – Ayan loves natural skincare and oils in particular. She’s a mum in London and writes lovely articles on natural, green skincare products with the occasional post on motherhood at her blog Beauty Wednesday.
  5. SugarPuffish @sugarpuffish – Sarah writes a natural beauty, allergy and eczema blog. A sufferer of eczema her whole life, Sarah set out to eradicate certain chemicals from her beauty regime and managed to get her eczema under control that way.
  6. Mademoiselle Nature @MlleNature – this lovely French beauty blogger based in the Netherlands has a PhD in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and knows her stuff. She blogs about her favourite natural skincare products and also throws in the occasional piece of advice on DIY beauty.
  7. Rebecca Goodyear @biteablebeauty – Rebecca is a bit of a mover & shaker in the natural beauty world and made it into Top 25 People in the Natural Beauty Yearbook again this year. She runs her own PR business focused on natural beauty but is also a beauty blogger at Biteable Beauty. (Rebecca was also kind enough to review my BeautyCraft app earlier this year!)
  8. Sarita Coren @saritacoren – Last but certainly not least is Sarita Coren, a lovely American blogger who is on a quest to find the most nurturing natural beauty products available. In Sarita’s words, “if I change your outlook or the way culture has influenced the way you see yourself in just one small way, then I’ll be so very happy for you!