Guest Post Guidelines


My website currently receives around 23,000 visitors per month and articles are shared well on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Once a month, articles are also sent to the Herb & Hedgerow mailing list.

My requirements for guest posts are:

All articles on Herb & Hedgerow are about natural and/or organic skincare. Please note that Herb & Hedgerow is not a beauty blog and does not review beauty products.

Articles submitted should generally be a minimum of 500 words and should generally fall into one of six categories (although if you think you’ve got something which I’ll love, try me!):

  1. Plants in Skincare – this category is about plants and how they are used in cosmetics. This was the very reason I started my blog so I could share information about botanical extracts in cosmetics. Articles on this topic shouldn’t just cover folklore about plants or nice pieces about how herbs can be used, they actually reference the scientific research that backs this up. I expect articles to be well referenced, using scientific articles or text books.
  2. Skincare Science – this category is all about making organic skincare and the science/chemistry behind it.  I frequently profile natural skincare ingredients and their properties.
  3. Skincare Myths – this category is about using science to debunk some of the ridiculous statements you see flying around the Internet – e.g. 60% of your cosmetics end up in your bloodstream, it only takes 26 seconds for your cosmetics to enter your bloodstream, etc. Again, I expect articles to be well referenced and to list proper peer-reviewed scientific references.
  4. Skincare Business Secrets – this category is about running a skincare business and the good business practices required – think  topics such as marketing, eCommerce, advertising, customer communication, pricing/costing, packaging, etc. Lots of people who visit my website run their own small natural or organic skincare business and this category reaches out to them.
  5. Cosmeceuticals – this category covers cosmeceuticals and their applications in cosmetics.
  6. Beauty History – this category is about the origins of beauty practices. Again, I expect articles to be fact checked so not just to contain facts that have been plucked off other websites which might be completely incorrect.

If you are interested in contributing DIY Beauty recipes, then I also run where you are welcome to send through contributions.

Articles that you contribute remain your Intellectual Property but I ask that you if you publish them elsewhere you include a sentence that says “First published on the Herb & Hedgerow blog for people who love and make botanical skincare at”.  I am happy to credit you with a one paragraph bio, together with a link back to your site and a photo.