Herbs in the Herb Garden
  • http://www.speakingoflove.net sally brown

    I don’t have a lot of herbs; only one, rosemary, but I can never get it to bloom. What’s your secret? Sally

    • Herb & Hedgerow

      Hi Sally, thanks for your comment! Rosemary likes well-draining soil as it doesn’t like getting its feet wet. It also likes the sunshine (not that we get much of that here, mind…). I always like to think of those beautiful Mediterranean herbs you see on holiday in countries like Greece that are so wonderfully pungent. They grow in very dry, bare conditions and thrive that way. Hope you get yours to flower. :)

  • http://www.lifecellskincareadvice.com/ Brielle Pinkross

    Interesting! I want to have those herbs in my garden too! It’s good for both the health and the skin.

    • Herb & Hedgerow

      Hi Brielle, thanks for your comment! I’m so pleased you liked my herb garden pictures. I’ve since published a lot more photos on one of my Pinterest boards if you’d like to see – http://pinterest.com/herbhedgerow/the-herb-garden/

      Which herbs do you grow?