Whether you’re just starting out or wanting to extend your range, it can be tricky to find the right product, usually because you want to make lots of different ones or make them all at the same time – and that time is NOW. It’s easy to lose focus which can lead to wasted money and lost time, both better spent elsewhere.

Here are some ideas for finding the right product – the one that’s going to sell like hot cakes and people will queue up to buy:

Listen to what people are saying. Spend time researching what they like, want, dislike, are looking for, can’t find…go eavesdropping on forums, listen to the chat and read the reviews.


I spent an hour on a new mum’s forum, and here’s what I found:

  • Mother & ChildNew mums are busy, so they want simple, effective solutions.
  • Skin care replaces make-up routines.
  • Hormonal changes and sleepless nights takes a toll on skin and they’re quite willing to pay a premium price for a premium, effective product.
  • Dark under-eye circles are a big problem they all want a solution for.
  • Soft hands are an issue, they all wish for skin as soft as the newborn baby’s.
  • Soft lips are also on the wish list. Presumably to kiss that soft baby bottom.
  • One ingredient everyone loves – aloe vera.
  • What they all ask for – two or three of everything; one for the bag, one for the bedside and one for the sofa. Because new mums forget where they put things. Knowing this could even be a great way of marketing and packaging!
  • The long soak in a bath is a distant memory; grabbing a shower when there is a quiet moment is the new order of the day.
  • They want quick easy solutions to fresh, spotless, radiant and glowing skin.

What idea springs to mind for you? What amazing products can you formulate using this information?

You don’t even have to wonder if there is a market – it’s there, waiting for someone to solve the problem, end the search and hand them the jar.

The quick, no-fuss face spritzer with aloe and cucumber extract for a fresh complexion and no dark circles is waiting to be made. In a twin pack.

Perhaps this’ll help fuel your imagination:

Finding your USP can be hard when the competition is stiff and everyone else is trying to find their own individual edge. You can side step the fight for attention by combining two or three products – and it will put you in the spotlight.

1. Go back and mingle in the forums. What do they swear by, what can’t they be without? (I bet one of the products will be aloe vera)

2. Make notes – lots of notes! Notes of product types, notes of key words. How do they describe the product?

3. What two or three items can you combine to make life easier for your customer?

4. Think of concepts like: Moisturize your skin in the shower, condition your hair with a shampoo…simplify the process of skin care without losing any of the benefits.

5. Did I mention notes? Brainstorm, play, doodle, mind map and daydream while you do. Perhaps while you moisturize in the shower you’ll come up with the product of the year.

Where to find all the chatter, discussions and reviews:

  • Google ‘skin care’ and you’ll be rewarded with lots of options to explore
  • Women’s magazines have reader’s forums
  • Brand websites
  • Netmums
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Amazon

…and in the process you’ll find other sites and pages that’ll give you even more results.

It can be informational and inspirational; you may even find a problem you didn’t know existed – and you have just the cream to solve it. You’ll learn what’s good, what’s bad; what people love and would like.

Keep hold of your notes, you’ll need them next time!

Today’s blog is a guest post by Eva Suzannah, an experienced soapmaker, copywriter, marketing consultant and author. Eva knows exactly what it’s like to run your own skincare business and kindly shares her words of wisdom with us in this article. Follow Eva on Facebook at the Hastings Soap Company.