The first time I ever heard of a Mastermind, I thought the person talking was referring to that long-running BBC quiz show. But as it turned out, a Mastermind is actually something completely different. So different in fact, that I’ve just started one for Skincare Entrepreneurs.

Jeff Walker (of Product Launch Formula-fame) puts it best in his explanation of what a Mastermind is:

“I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I wasn’t actively engaged in various mastermind groups over the last 13 years.

Get in a mastermind group now.

If you haven’t ever been through something like that, it’s pretty wild – basically one person presents an idea or problem they have in their business… and then the entire group does a big brainstorm about the idea.

If you have the right people in the group, it usually ends up being like a massive shark “feeding frenzy”. You put 20 or 30 really creative entrepreneurs into a room and then you throw a business problem in front of them… well, that’s like putting blood in the water.

And don’t accidentally leave any arms dangling over the edge of the boat! After all, everyone has more fun solving other people’s problems than working on their own issues.”

I have been in multiple Masterminds for years now and I’ve benefited hugely from them. Every time I had a question or a dilemma, I would post it in my groups and ask them for help or advice. In turn, I provide my help and advice to others who need it when they can benefit from my experience.

In fact, most entrepreneurs would credit their success with having been part of a Mastermind or some kind of mentoring scheme.

As part of my businesses I work with aspiring and existing skincare business owners every day, particularly those who want to create or already run their own natural and organic skincare business. However, as most of them would probably attest, starting or running your own business can be very lonely.

Many skincare entrepreneurs just want to get down to formulating beautiful products so it can sometimes come as a shock when you realise there are hundreds of other issues to take care of too.

You’re bombarded with information about branding, marketing, social media, websites, eCommerce, plugins, packaging, customer service and costing/pricing your products, to name but a few issues.

It can be confusing but it’s very important to get a good grasp on how all these points help you sell your products, otherwise you start to rely on ‘hope marketing’ – where you create a beautiful product and hope that people will find it… which inevitably they never do.

Skincare Entrepreneur Mastermind

That’s why I’ve launched my Skincare Entrepreneur Mastermind!

It’s a Mastermind networking group for skincare business owners, professional skincare designers and wannabe cosmetic entrepreneurs who want to create a successful business that allows them to live a life of freedom and flexibility.

When you’re part of a group of like-minded people, you can bounce ideas off each other, inspire each other and get lots of different viewpoints to help solve your problem. I’ve also used my experience in Masterminds to watch other entrepreneurs and learn from their successes and mistakes.

Mastermind groups typically cost several hundred if not thousand of $$$ to join, so this is a fabulous offer to network with the best – for FREE!

If this sounds like a group you’d be interested in, come on over to and network with your fellow skincare entrepreneurs all over the world. I can’t wait to meet you.