Herb & Hedgerow runs the popular BeautyCraft beauty app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This beauty app is a recipe book for DIY natural skincare recipes and is a fun way of learning more about making your own beauty products with natural ingredients that are easy to find in your local shops.  The app has had fabulous reviews and is currently in use in dozens and dozens of countries all around the world – including Thailand, Botswana, Columbia, Costa Rica, China and the Cayman Islands, to name but a few!

I came up with the idea for BeautyCraft during my first maternity leave and the whole thing grew from there. While my baby slept, I would run downstairs and test out recipes in the kitchen which would then be photographed for the app. With the help of a great programmer, I managed to get the app live in the App Store in the summer of 2012, where it’s been for sale ever since. A lot of the apps for sale in the App Store are sold by huge developers, but this one is just me. The recipe book started off with 30 recipes when it launched but it now contains over 60! I enjoy adding new content to my beauty app and enjoy coming up with recipes in the process.

I recently added in a new category to the app for DIY hand beauty treatments. If you don’t have a copy of BeautyCraft beauty app already, check it out in the App Store! The latest category for hand treatments includes delicate scrubs, moisturising masques, warming oils, nail & cuticle soaks and even an age spot buster. I’ve included a few photos from the app below so you can see what to expect.


Next week I’ll be sending out a copy of the Herb & Hedgerow newsletter and sharing recipes from the app for free to subscribers. Make sure you get your name down for the newsletter by filling in your e-mail address in the box on the right. And make sure to watch this space for more updates as I add more recipes to BeautyCraft!