BeautyCraft beauty app recipesI’ve been busy writing new DIY beauty recipes recently and have just finished uploading them to BeautyCraft app – Herb & Hedgerow’s DIY natural beauty app. BeautyCraft is the natural beauty app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad which teaches you to make your own beauty products with natural ingredients that you can get in your local shops. It’s fully illustrated and walks you through each recipe step by step. The pictures on the right show you some of the latest recipes in action such as the Spiced Coffee Facial Scrub, the Cocoa Bean Dry Shampoo (for brunettes!) and the Sweet Maple Syrup & Cream Cleanser.

The app now contains over 70 recipes! Categories which have recently had recipes added include Cleansers, Facial Scrubs and Hair Treatments. This recipe book beauty app now makes use of almost 50 natural ingredients that you can easily find in your local shops. So many DIY beauty books expect you to invest in lots of expensive carrier oils and butters – not BeautyCraft! With this easy to use beauty app you are taught to use fruit, vegetables, herbs and lots of other products that you’ve often eaten but maybe never thought about using on your skin and hair.

BeautyCraft beauty app ingredientsLatest ingredients in BeautyCraft app include cocoa powder, sage, parsley and maple syrup. Yes, even maple syrup is good for your skin! Researchers in Canada found that it was packed full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and of course the skincare industry jumped all over it in search of the latest anti-ageing craze. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on designer cosmetics when you can have fun making your own using simple ingredients on your supermarket shelves.

Keep watching this space over the next few months as I intend to add a load more recipes and then hopefully launch BeautyCraft as an eBook for those people out there who don’t have iPhones, iPods or iPads. In the meantime, keep checking by as I share DIY beauty recipes for you to sample at home!